Amphorafonia collection


A rustlepipplant with remarkable looks. One of the interesting features is an inward curved hollow with sharp thorns. Obviously, for the look that it gives this plant I named it ‘Bellybutton’.
All my cultivated rustlepips are grown to match a pre-sketched image. To breed a plant in this way, requires a lot of skill and years of experience. Although I am still learning and will continue to learn, I can call myself a professional grower of rustlepips.

Hight of this plant: 39 cm

For sale at € 395,- (packaging and shipping costs not included)


Elegant rustlepip with a beautiful yellow ochre flower and a colourful pattern of spots. Height 31 cm.
Priced at € 371, – (excl. shipping and packaging costs)


Rustlepip with a gap in its body. Body is the denomination used for rustlepips in general. Altering the music that is played during the growth of the rustlepip, creates bizarre and wonderful shaped plants.  It takes quite some knowledge however, to grow plants that have a gap in their body. Height 35 cm

Priced at € 395, – (excl. shipping and packaging costs)


It is a real challenge to create the exact shape of plant I had in mind. While the plant is still growing it is very important to monitor its progress closely. Varying its surrounding sounds or music has an impact on the way it will grow. Colour, shape, height is al determined by what sounds you feed the young plant with. To sculpt a plant like this takes many years of experience. For this rustlepip, aptly named Twin, I mainly used two songs from Tina Turner’s double cd: Let’s stay together and Two people. Height: 24 cm
Priced at € 371, – (excl. shipping and packaging costs)

Watering can

I am proud of this little dainty rustlepip in the shape of a watering can. Height: 21 cm

Priced at € 371, – (excl. shipping and packaging costs)


Amphorafonia domestica with a voluptuous body. The pattern of spots around the top of her body look like she is wearing a necklace. When she is moved carefully, she makes a wonderful deep rustling sound. She is like the opera diva amongst the rustlepips.
Height: 39 cm, she needs special attention, lots of love and classical music to keep her happy.
Priced at € 385, – (excl. shipping and packaging costs)